Maximizing Your Custom Home Theater Experience Without Spending Thousands Every Year

Custom home theater by Authentic Designs and Remodeling in San Diego, CAFor many, the sound produced by one’s television speakers is of enough quality and volume to enjoy a movie. Others want to be more than just entertained. They want to experience the movie as the makers intended with booming bass, realistic voice tones, music that has them on the edge of their seats, and sound that mimics real life by coming in from all directions at once.

With so many audio and video choices available, how can you know where to start to choose the right system for your home and entertainment needs?

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Different Kitchen Lightings

Different kitchen lighting

Kitchen islands have gone from a luxury design choice to a “must have” all over the country due to the convenience and style the layout brings to the modern home. As families spend a lot of time cooking and eating the island design concept helps open up the home and create a more sociable atmosphere during meal times and social gatherings.

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How Kitchen Island Cabinets Add
More Cabinet Storage to Your Kitchen

Custom kitchen island cabinets

Kitchen islands have become one of the most popular kitchen features in America. They have the potential to provide a wide range of benefits for the homeowner as well as improved aesthetic appearance to please visitors. The most notable feature about kitchen island cabinets is that they can add counter space to your kitchen.

You can use this additional kitchen space to:

  • Enjoy additional work space within the entire kitchen
  • Accommodate more guests in the kitchen area
  • Store extra items in a more organized manner

No wonder kitchen island cabinets have become a request from nearly everyone we talk to about kitchen remodeling.

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Why Kitchen Islands Make a Modern Day Kitchen Complete

Modern kitchens include a kitchen island
For those of us who like to cook for friends and show off our culinary skills the standard kitchen design of 3 walls and a U-bench are over. Who wants to be closed off from the rest of the dinner party while serving over a hot stove? Instead, you need something more modern, practical, and above all welcoming.

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Giving a New Home Personality in this Newly Built Home in Coronado

For six months, we worked with New York-based designer Max King to infuse this downtown Coronado home with more personality. We sent drawings back and forth from San Diego to the East Coast to ensure that King’s client was satisfied with the enhancements to this newly built home.

Fireplace drawing for Coronado home

We replaced the old bookcases that flanked the fireplace with hand-crafted cabinets, and we included a touch-latch system on the inset doors to keep the aesthetic clean, neat and free of visual hardware. We extended the seamless visual to the hearth, which is made of honed Ceasarstone and joined together with a miter joint. A niche on the left side of the fireplace houses a small plasma TV flush with the wall. The inside of the fireplace is painted black and fitted with a custom-designed screen crafted from ¾-inch tempered glass and chrome-plated stainless-steel feet.

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Transforming a Trex Deck

This deck, originally designed using Trex Deck, had seen better days. It sagged, and years of direct sun had faded the finish.

Completed re-finished Trex Deck

We replaced the deck with termite-treated lumber that rested on 14-inch-round concrete footing secured 2 feet into the soil. We covered the rough joists with ¾-inch plywood and laminated it with ½-inch concrete board.

Trex Deck remodel in early phase.

Next, we covered the concrete board with 6 mils. of RedGard, a waterproof material that will keep the deck from fracturing and protect it from the elements.

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Importance of a Good Sprinkler System

IMG_4903April showers might bring May flowers but you’ll need a well-tuned sprinkler system to keep lawns and plants green and blooming through the hottest part of summer.

Have a landscaper check out your sprinkler system to ensure that you’re not setting yourself up for expensive repair bills. Depending on the size of your yard, a survey will cost between $50 and $200, but it’s a worthwhile investment in the health of your home and yard.

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Reasons for Unexpected Costs

262_1370293002One of the most important concerns for people beginning a remodeling project is money. If you can’t accurately assess how much a project will cost, you risk going into unexpected debt or leaving a job half finished. It’s easy to blame the contractor when sticker shock has you second-guessing your home-remodeling project, but there are many reasons your costs can skyrocket, and your contractor can’t always plan for them.

Your contractor might be basing his or her estimate on architectural plans. If those plans are inaccurate or incomplete, you’ll spend more money than you expected. Once the contractor is at your home, things can change. For example:

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Top Reasons why contractors don’t show up

Contractor showing up for workFor clients eager to remodel their homes, there are few things more frustrating and disappointing than a contractor who doesn’t show up to do the job.

Why do contractors accept the work and then disappear?

The most common reasons fall into two categories: management problems and communications problems.



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How to Choose the Right Home Theater System

Home Theater Room by Authentic Designs and RemodelingSpending huge amounts of money on a home theater system is not always essential to achieve a quality home theater. What is important is that you have a firm handle on your specific needs, what kind of ambiance you’re wanting to create, and, of course, how much you can afford.

When you first design your home theater system, there are several important components to decide up front:

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